Welcome to the hatch + holler media.

hatch + holler is a digital media company that specializes in: websites, creative copy, photography, graphic design, video production and social media management.

We’re located—up the holler—in rural south central Ontario, Canada. Cliffs, deer, farms and lakes surround us. The hills are purple. The river that runs by our farm is called the Noisy river. It’s not that noisy! It’s nice and quiet here in the country—and oh so good for the creative process.

You could find us writing, taking photos, growing vegetables, chopping wood, welding metal sculptures, shooting video, cutting our meadow with a scythe or playing the banjo and—of course—hatching up some ideas!

Want your very own pixel hatchery? Holler at us.

We’re here to give your online presence a sweet kick in the pixel pants. We hatch it up and holler it out!